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GSS Supplemental Travel Award for Research

The GSS Supplemental Travel Award offers limited funds to pay a portion of both domestic and international travel expenses for graduate students who must travel for the completion of a graduate project. This includes research (archive usage, equipment usage off site), interviews (research related), investigation (for a book writing), on location filming, etc. The funds are provided by the Graduate College and allocated by the Travel Funds Committee to deserving applications at two deadlines throughout each fiscal year.

Some activities that DO NOT qualify for this  funding are paper/poster presentations, workshop attendance, internship travels, service learning projects, job interviews, etc. If your travel qualifies for the GSS Travel Funds Award, it will not qualify for this award.

The travel TO your destination must take place within the fiscal year of the deadline (July 1 - June 30) in order to be eligible. The next GSS Supplementary Travel Award deadline is:

  • 11:59pm on April 1, 2016

The application opens one month before the deadline.

Application requirements:

The application will require the following:

1) A letter from your academic advisor confirming that your travel is necessary for your research. In order to qualify for this award you must provide evidence that your travel is necessary to your research, which can be in the form of a letter or email from your adviser (must be submitted in .pdf form and attached to the application).

2) An explanation on your purpose of travel. 

3) And an explanation regarding the travel significance for graduate program progress.

Otherwise, general instructions and guidelines are the same as for the GSS Travel Funds. Please look over the directions carefully before you apply for the Supplemental Travel Award.

The award amount is as follows:

  • Regional travel - $300
  • Travel in North America -$500
  • Travel Outside of North America - $600

If you have further questions, please contact the committee chair(s).

Please be aware that a graduate student may receive this award once throughout a given graduate program course.

The application is closed.

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