James F. Jakobsen Award Winner Spotlights, 2011

Congratulations to the 2011 Conference Winners!

At the 13th Annual James F. Jakobsen Conference, the following University of Iowa Graduate and Professional Students won awards for their graduate work. Please browse their profiles and get to know winners a little better.

Matt Andersson

Matt Andersson
Home State: 
Home Country: 
What are some of your interests outside of school?: 
Walking, running, socializing, occasional journaling, listening to audiobooks.
What is your favorite Iowa City/Coralville Restaurant?: 
Bluebird Diner
Are there any challenges you have faced as a graduate student at Iowa?: 
Remaining cheerful has been a challenge. I like to be cheerful rather than just happy. I haven't really felt cheerful since grade school, come to think of it.
Previous Degrees Earned
Previous Degree [1]: 
B. A.
Degree [1] Area of Study: 
Chemistry, Psychology
Degree [1] Institution Name: 
Knox College
Previous Degree [2]: 
M. A.
Degree [2] Area of Study: 
Degree [2] Institution Name: 
University of Iowa
What degree are you currently seeking?: 
Ph. D.
Brief thesis project description: 
(Master's, 2010): I examined the relationship between dispositional optimism and the size and diversity of personal social networks.
Who is your Thesis Advisor?: 
(Master's, 2010): Jennifer Glanville
Why did you decide to go to graduate school?: 
To learn how to develop and test theory about society.
Why did you choose The University of Iowa for your graduate studies?: 
The department is supportive and talented.
What are your long term goals beyond your graduate degree at Iowa?: 
Being a professor and maybe author.
How has your experience at Iowa allowed you to achieve your goals?: 
The faculty here are very insightful and kind.
Significant Honors and Achievements
Significant Honors [1]: 
National Merit Scholar
Significant Honors [2]: 
Finalist, Tupelo Press First Book Prize in Poetry
Significant Honors [3]: 
Semifinalist, James Jones First Novel Fellowship
Significant Honors [4]: 
Honorable Mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
What year did you win an award at the Jakobsen Conference?: 
What do you enjoy most about the Conference?: 
Dropping in on random presentations.