Service Learning & Civic Engagement Session Schedule

Service Learning and Civic Engagement Events

Presented by the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies

The Jakobsen Conference Committee is very excited to continue the Service Learning and Civic Engagement initiative at the 14th Annual James F. Jakobsen Conference. Many faculty, staff, and students at The University of Iowa are already participating in various forms of service learning or have found ways in which to "take their academic work into new spaces" and increase civic engagement. We are proud to host fellows from the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies and look forward to coninuted collaboration.


Obermann Forum

Saturday, March 24, 2012 - South Room IMU - 3:30 - 5:00 P.M.


  • Jessica Anthony (Dance) -- Dance as a Tool for Embodying Our Stories: Past, Present and Future
  • Kevin Chamberlain (Art) -- Creating Abstractly and Teaching Simply
  • stef shuster (Sociology) -- Building Transgender Communities of Care in Eastern Iowa
  • Eric Zimmer (History) -- Reshaping Historical Narratives: The Duhamel Sioux Indian Pageant and the Black Hills of South Dakota
  • Melody Dworak (Library and Information Science) -- The Public As Collaborator: Crowdsourcing Models for Digital Humanities Initiatives
  • Robyn Fennig (Urban and Regional Planning) -- Enhanced Floodplain Management Strategies: Reducing Flood Vulnerability in Cedar County, Iowa
  • Lisa Johnson (Art) -- The Eva Luna Project
  • Lenore Maybaum (Language, Literacy and Culture) -- Language Experience Stories in the Community
  • Joshua Miner (English-Literary Studies) -- The 1491 Project
  • Nkechi Onwuameze (Educational Policy and Leadership) -- Climbing Up the Ladder: The experiences of African American Women at the University of Iowa, 1900-1950.
  • Julie Reynolds (Dental Public Health) -- Healthy Smiles for Kalona's Kids: An Oral Health Promotion Project for the Amish Children of Kalona
  • Jennifer Shook (English-Literary Studies) -- Bridging Public Circles and Artistic Forms: Engaging Collaboration through Interdisciplinary Responses to Poetry
  • Sojeong Yoon (Communication Studies) -- The Pink Elephant Project: An Early Language Education Program
Dance as a Tool for Embodying Our Stories: Past, Present and Future