Hsin-I Sydney Yueh

Hsin-I Sydney Yueh
Home Country: 
What are some of your interests outside of school?: 
Food, travel, TV, and zumba.
Who is your most significant mentor?: 
Kristine Munoz
What is your favorite Iowa City/Coralville Restaurant?: 
Are there any challenges you have faced as a graduate student at Iowa?: 
Knowing how to handle balancing research and teaching is a challenge.
Previous Degrees Earned
Previous Degree [1]: 
B. A.
Degree [1] Area of Study: 
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Degree [1] Institution Name: 
National Taiwan University
Previous Degree [2]: 
M. A.
Degree [2] Area of Study: 
East Asian Studies
Degree [2] Institution Name: 
University of Pittsburgh
Communication Studies
What degree are you currently seeking?: 
Ph. D.
Area of Specialty: 
Gender and Communication
Brief thesis project description: 
Who is your Thesis Advisor?: 
Kristine Munoz
Why did you decide to go to graduate school?: 
I am interested in working in academia.
Why did you choose The University of Iowa for your graduate studies?: 
The program grants me teaching assistantship.
What are your long term goals beyond your graduate degree at Iowa?: 
I would like to be a professor in Communication Studies.
How has your experience at Iowa allowed you to achieve your goals?: 
I have worked with excellent professors and colleagues to finish my project.
Significant Honors and Achievements
Significant Honors [1]: 
• T. Anne Cleary International Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Iowa
Significant Honors [2]: 
• Graduate Dissertation Grant, Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Iowa
Significant Honors [3]: 
• Best Paper Award, The Seventeenth Annual Conference North American Taiwan Studies Association
What year did you win an award at the Jakobsen Conference?: 
What do you enjoy most about the Conference?: 
Meeting other graduate students outside of my field; listening to a variety of presentations.