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There are multiple funding opportunities available for students at the University of Iowa. This page is dedicated to provide information about the various existing sources that offer funds to help students travel to conferences where they can present their research done at the University of Iowa.

GSS is one of those sources and more detailed information about the application process can be found by following the GSS Travel Funds link provided in the NavBar on the left of this page.

However, as stated above, GSS is not the only organization that provides travel funding for graduate students. There are other offices and organizations that provide support for student travel to present at conferences. Among them is the  Professional Advancement Grants (PAGs) committee of the Executive Council of Graduate and Professional Students (ECGPS). More details about the application can be found by following the ECGPS Funding link.

Other funding sources information and details, including awards given by the Graduate College, the Division of Sponsored Programs can be found by following the "Other Funding Sources" link.

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