2018 Prize Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Jakobsen Memorial Conference Prize Winners!

These students submitted papers prior to the conference that were then judged by volunteer faculty judges from a variety of fields.They are awarded in the different subject divisions: Biological and Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Education, Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences, Humanities, Creative Works, and Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies.

These year's winners are:

Biological and Health Sciences:

1. Roberto Benzo, Acute Effects of Interrupting Sitting on Discomfort and Alertness of Office Workers
2. Eric Emmons, Frontal Control of Temporal Processing in the Striatum
3. Muhammad Rahman, Combined Administration of P7C3-A20 and Ibuprofen Protects Rat Spiral Ganglion Neurons after Aminoglycoside Deafening

Creative Works:

1. Carley Cullen, sorry
2. Patrick Bigsby, Bombardment (a memoir)

Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies:

1. Dellyssa Edinboro, Patterns, Rhythms, and Quilting: Black Women's Interweaving of Politics and Education in the Civil Rights Era (1954-1965)


1. Haley Larson, Limning the Infrathin: Image Fracture and Mediating Texts
2. Enrico Bruno, Troubled Waters: Postplantation Tidalectics of Charles W. Chesnutt's Conjure Tales
3. Subin Paul, The Qatar-Gulf Crisis and Narratives of Emotionality in Nepal's English-language Press

Mathematical, Physical, Engineering Sciences

1. Johanna Uthoff, Computer-aided Diagnosis of Lung Cancer: A Mosaic of Tissue Imaging Characteristics
2. Chethya Ranasinghe, Effects of Protein Isotopic Labeling on Formate Dehydroenase Bio-Catalysis
3. Nicole Kloepfer, Predicting Dose Rate Effects in EB Polymerizations Based on Monomer Structure

Social Sciences and Education

1. I-Heng (Ray) Wu, Understanding when Overqualified Employees Engage in Job Searching or Internal Mobility Behaviors
2. Kristina Bigsby, Keeping it 100: Social Media and Self-Presentation in College Football Recruitment
3. Volha Kananovich, Discursively Empowered and Distrustful: The Impact of the Rhetorical Construction of the Taxpayer on Political Trust

Walder Award for Research in Sustainability, Bioremediation, Biodiversity: Ezazul Haque, The Lead (Pb) Crisis in East Chicago, an Untold Story