The Graduate Student Senate's function is to serve as a conduit for information between the Graduate College and the general graduate student population. We relate relevant opportunities, policy issues, and other information to graduate student representatives at our monthly meetings. These representatives, in turn, relay this information to their graduate student colleagues in their respective departments. Departments that are not represented in the Senate are missing out on crucial information and opportunities.

Each department establishes its own method for appointing senators. A department can appoint one senator per fifty graduate students enrolled in the department/program and alternates as necessary. Each full senator has GSS voting rights and is required to:

  • Attend monthly senate meetings
  • Be active on at least one committee

Alternate senators are encouraged to regularly attend meetings and can gain voting rights if they are taking the place of a full senator. Alternate senators can serve in any elected position and as committee chairs as well.

You may check the status of your department's representation using the list below. If your department is not currently represented and you wish to serve as a senator, please contact us at