Jakobsen Conference - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each poster presenter will be provided with a corked board and push-pins. The Poster boards are 4' H x 6' W (48" H x 72" W). There is no size requirement for your poster, but please keep the board dimensions in mind when printing.
  • Yes. There is no copyright put on any materials submitted for the Jakobsen Conference. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to reward excellent graduate work at The University of Iowa, to provide a non-threatening environment to share ideas with fellow students, and to provide an experience to better prepare graduate students for professional presentations.
  • You may submit both a poster and an oral presentation, but only one can be eligible to be judged. Please CLEARLY indicate which submission you wanted judged. If you are interested in submitting more than one oral presentation, please contact the conference chair at marialiana-morabe@uiowa.edu.
  • If you choose to have your submission judged, it will be judged prior to the conference by faculty judges. We will make every attempt to route your anonymous submission to at least one judge in your area. Fellow graduate students will have the opportunity to provide you with feedback on your presentation on the day of the conference. 
  • No, the electronic papers are not returned to you. However, the score sheets that the judges fill out have sections for comments. The score sheets contain comment sections for each scoring section. We encourage faculty to write comments as they review submissions. The comments are separated from the scores and returned to the students after the Conference. The papers are not returned per se, but you will get any comments from judges back.
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  • We ask that all participants limit their oral presentations to a maximum of 15 minutes. This will provide plenty of time for questions at the end of each panel.
  • If you choose to have your submission judged (qualifies you to win a monetary award from the Graduate College), then you must submit a written report/artist's statement. If you do not wish to have your work judged, then you are only required to submit an electronic abstract.