The Graduate Student Senate is able to "give Graduate Students a voice" through fellow graduate students that take an active role in promoting Graduate Student interests at The University of Iowa. The Executive Council consists of GSS Senators elected to leadership positions. Terms for the Executive Council senators are one-year and begin following the close of the May senate meeting. The Executive Council represents GSS when it is out of session, organizes meeting agendas, and helps keep GSS alive and thriving as an organization. Brief descriptions of what each leadership position entails are listed next to their contact information and photograph.

In addition to the Executive Council, many GSS senators serve as leaders of committees. Each committee is chaired by one or more senators. Committee chairs organize meetings and events for their committee and communicate with the Senate regarding upcoming events and committee progress. Any Senator (including Alternates) can serve on as many committees as they would like and the primary contact for more information are the committee chair(s).

If you have any questions about a specific committee or event, please contact the appropriate committee chair(s). For more global questions, concerns, or comments, contact the appropriate Executive Council member. If you are unsure or have general questions or comments, contact us at